MoU for Waste Management and Execution | 13 Oct 2021

Why in News

  • On October 12, 2021, a MoU was signed between Municipal Corporation Bhopal and NTPC and Bhopal RNG Pvt Ltd for waste management and execution.

Key Points

  • This MoU was signed for setting up of 200 ton per day wet waste to bio-CNG plant and 400 ton per day dry waste torified charcoal plant.
  • It is known that, at present, around 800 tonnes of garbage is collected from Bhopal city every day. For its execution, an expenditure of Rs 333 per metric ton is being spent by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. With the installation of this plant, Bhopal RNG Private Limited will give an amount of Rs. 83 lakh to Bhopal Municipal Corporation as royalty every year for 20 years and Bio-CNG will be provided at the rate of Rs. 5 less than the market rate.
  • The Bio-CNG generated from the plant will be used in city buses. An estimated expenditure of Rs 40 crore on setting up the plant will be fully borne by the agency itself. No processing fee will be charged by the agency for waste disposal from Municipal Corporation Bhopal.
  • A Torified Charcoal Plant will be set up in Adampur Cantonment on an area of 15 acres of land at an estimated cost of Rs. 80 crore. This amount will be fully borne by NTPC. The torified charcoal produced will be used in NTPC's power plants.
  • The construction of the torified charcoal plant with 400 tonnes per day dry waste will be based on the ‘build own operate model’. Establishment and operation-maintenance work of the plant is to be done by NTPC itself for 25 years.