Y - 3023 Dunagiri | 16 Jul 2022

Why in News?

Recently, the Defence Minister of India launched Y- 3023 Dunagiri, a Project 17A frigate built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders Limited (GRSE) in Kolkata.

What do we know about Y-3023?

  • ‘Dunagiri’ is the fourth ship of Project 17A Frigates.
  • It is named after a mountain range in the state of Uttarakhand.
  • ‘Dunagiri’ is the reincarnation of the erstwhile ‘Dunagiri’, the Leander Class ASW Frigate, which in her 33 years of service had witnessed various challenging operations and multinational exercises.

What do we know about Project 17A Frigates?

  • About:
    • Project 17A frigates are follow-on of the P17 Frigates (Shivalik Class) with improved stealth features, advanced weapons and sensors and platform management systems.
    • There will be seven frigates built under P-17 A for the Indian Navy which will be equipped with advanced stealth capability, four at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders (MDL), Mumbai and three at Garden Reach Ship Builders Limited (GRSE), Kolkata.
  • Features:
    • The main advanced stealth features of P-17A pertain to the smaller Radar cross-section of the ship achieved through the use of a special super structure shape which reduces radar wave reflections.
    • The P17A frigates incorporate new design concepts for improved survivability, sea keeping, stealth and ship manoeuvrability.
    • Another important feature is regarding the ship’s low acoustic noise emanating from propellers, operating machinery like Diesel Generators etc., which helps sonars on other ships to detect its presence.
      • Such stealth features play an important role in improving the ship's survivability in any hostile environment during operations.
  • Weapon Systems onboard:
    • The main weapon and sensor suite of P-17A ships indicated are BrahMos SSM, LRSAM (Forward & Aft configuration) with MF STAR radar, indigenous Sonar, and Triple tube Heavy Torpedo launcher.
    • The first three ships under Project 17A were:

Source: PIB