PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme | 09 Jan 2024

For Prelims: PRITHvi VIgyan (PRITHVI) Scheme, ACROSS Scheme, O-SMART Scheme, PACER

For Mains: Earth System Sciences, Modeling systems for understanding climate change science, Government Policies, Disaster Management

Source: PIB

Why in News?

The Union Cabinet recently approved the comprehensive scheme "PRITHvi VIgyan (PRITHVI)" by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

  • This initiative spans five sub-schemes, aiming to enhance Earth System Sciences and provide crucial services for societal, environmental, and economic well-being.
  • The Cabinet also approved an agreement between the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) to jointly develop a “small satellite.”


  • India and Mauritius have a history of cooperation since the 1980s when ISRO established a ground station in Mauritius for tracking and telemetry support for ISRO’s launch vehicle and satellite missions.

What is the "PRITHvi VIgyan (PRITHVI)" Scheme?

  • About:
  • Objectives:
    • To augment and sustain long-term observations of the atmosphere, ocean, geosphere, cryosphere and solid earth to record the vital signs of the Earth System and change
    • Development of modelling systems for understanding and predicting weather, ocean and climate hazards and understanding the science of climate change.
    • Exploration of polar and high seas regions of the Earth towards discovery of new phenomena and resources;
    • Development of technology for exploration and sustainable harnessing of oceanic resources for societal applications.
    • Translation of knowledge and insights from Earth systems science into services for societal, environmental and economic benefit.
  • Benefits for India:
    • PRITHVI provides advanced warning services for natural disasters like cyclones, floods, heatwaves, and earthquakes, facilitating prompt and effective disaster management.
      • Additionally, the scheme ensures precise weather forecasts for both land and oceans, enhancing safety and minimizing property damages in adverse weather conditions.
    • PRITHVI extends its reach to explore the three poles of the Earth; Arctic, Antarctic, and Himalayas facilitating valuable insights and knowledge about these regions.
    • The scheme encourages the development of technology for exploration and sustainable harnessing of oceanic resources, aligning with modern advancements in Earth Science.