Joint Anti-Submarine Warfare Drills | 17 Mar 2023

Why in News?

Recently, joint anti-submarine warfare drills are being held by the United States, Canada, India, Japan, and South Korea.

  • As a part of it, the exercise named Sea Dragon 23 was started on March 15, 2023 and it aims to strengthen the alliance between the countries to tackle threats from China and North Korea.

How China is Expanding its Maritime Domain?

  • China's navy is taking part in joint search and rescue exercises in the Gulf of Oman with Iran and Russia.
  • China’s dispute with Japan over tiny islands in the East China Sea has also heated up, with both sides accusing the other of violating their maritime territory.
  • China is holding Security Bond-2023 exercises with other nations as well.

What is Sea Dragon 23?

  • Sea Dragon 23 is a coordinated anti-submarine warfare exercise being held between the US, Japan, Canada, South Korea, and India.
  • The exercise aims to achieve high levels of synergy and coordination between the friendly navies based on their shared values and commitment to an open, inclusive Indo-Pacific region.
  • The Indian Navy is represented by a P8I aircraft, along with P8A of the US Navy, P1 from the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, CP 140 from the Royal Canadian Air Force, and P3C from the RoKN.


The participation of the Indian Navy in Exercise Sea Dragon 23 reflects its commitment to enhancing its naval capabilities and strengthening cooperation with like-minded nations in the Indo-Pacific region.

Source: TH