G-20 Summit–2019 | 01 Jul 2019

Recently the 14th G20 Summit was held in Osaka, Japan on 28th-29th June, 2019.


  • The G20 Summit 2019 was based on discussions on subjects like trade, energy, climate change etc.
  • Indian PM (his sixth G-20 summit) held many plurilateral meetings with other world leaders like heads of Russia, USA, Japan, China etc.
  • Along with that India also participated in two parallel tri-laterals i.e the Russia-India-China (RIC) and Japan-U.S.-India (JAI) and an informal BRICS summit.
    • JAI Trilateral: Three countries discussed issues of the Indo-Pacific region, connectivity and infrastructure development. It was the second Japan-America-India (JAI) meeting.
    • Informal BRICS meet: India stressed the need to stop all the mediums of support to terrorism and racism. Indian PM called terrorism "the biggest threat to humanity" which kills innocent and severely affects economic development and social stability.
  • India and the US discussed various bilateral and global issues including Iran, 5G communications networks, trade and defence ahead of the G-20 Summit.
  • India targeted to become a five-trillion dollar economy in the next five years.
    • Further India pledged to make Social sector as its top priority and resolve to focus on infrastructure development, especially digital infrastructure.
    • However, Indian PM also highlighted the deficiency of resources, underlining that "there is a shortfall of almost $1.3 trillion investment in the infrastructure.
  • On the sidelines of G-20 summit, India and Japan signed exchange of Letter of Intent on Ahmedabad - Kobe Sister City Partnership.
  • India also invited the G20 countries to join a global coalition on disaster resilience, saying disasters require quick and effective remedial measures as they invariably affect the poor the most.
  • India and Indonesia set an ambitious USD 50 billion targets for bilateral trade over the next six years.