22nd National Fish Farmers Day | 11 Jul 2022

For Prelims: National Fish Farmers Day, NFDB, Initiatives to Promote Fisheries

For Mains: Significance of Fisheries

Why in News?

National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) and the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying celebrated the 22nd National Fish Farmers Day (10th July 2022) to demonstrate solidarity with all fisher folk, fish farmers and concerned stakeholders throughout the country.

What is National Fisheries Development Board?

  • It was established in 2006 as an autonomous organization under the administrative control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
    • Now, it works under the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying.
  • It aims to enhance fish production and productivity in the country and to coordinate fishery development in an integrated and holistic manner.

What are the Key Points?

  • About:
    • National Fish Farmers Day is celebrated in the memory of scientists Dr K. H. Alikunhi and Dr H. L. Chaudhury.
      • Both of them successfully demonstrated Hypophysation (technology of induced breeding) in Indian Major Carps (common name for several species of fish) on 10th July 1957.
  • Aim:
    • To recognise the accomplishments and contribution of fish farmers, aquapreneurs (entrepreneurs in the water sector) and fisherfolks in the growth of the fisheries sector in the country.
    • To draw attention to changing the way the country manages fisheries resources to ensure sustainable stocks and healthy ecosystems.

What is the Significance of the Fisheries Sector?

  • Sunrise Sector:
    • The fisheries sector plays a vital role in economic and overall development of the country. Referred to as the “sunrise sector”, the fisheries sector is poised to bring in immense potential through equitable and inclusive growth.
    • Fisheries is one of the fastest growing sectors amongst the primary producing sectors.
  • Second Major Producer:
    • India is the second major producer of fish through aquaculture in the world.
    • India is the 4th largest exporter of fish in the world as it contributes 7.7% to the global fish production.
  • Employment Generation:
    • Currently, this sector provides livelihood to more than 2.8 crore people within the country. Nevertheless, this is a sector with untapped potential.
      • The Economic Survey of India, 2019-20 estimated that, only 58% of the country's inland potential has been tapped so far.
  • Opportunities for Fishermen and Fish Farmers:
    • The unrealised potential of the fisheries sector offers varied opportunities for bringing in scalable business solutions and maximizing the benefits for the fishermen and fish farmers.
      • In order to realize the true potential of the fisheries sector, technological breakthroughs are required for enhancing production, productivity and efficiency of the fisheries’ value chain.

What are the Related Initiatives?

  • Blue Revolution:
    • Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Blue Revolution” - Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries was launched in 2016.
  • Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana:
    • It strives to create direct employment to 15 lakh fishers, fish farmers, etc. and about thrice this number as indirect employment opportunities.
    • It also aims to double the incomes of fishers, fish farmers and fish workers by 2024.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund:
    • FIDF is created to attract private investment in creation and management of fisheries infrastructure facilities.
  • Marine Products Export Development Authority:
    • MPEDA is a nodal coordinating, state-owned agency engaged in fishery production and allied activities.
    • It was established in 1972 under the Marine Products Export Development Authority Act (MPEDA), 1972.
  • Seaweed Park:
    • Multipurpose seaweed park in Tamil Nadu would be the center of production for quality seaweed-based products, developed on a hub and spoke model.
  • Fisheries Startup Grand Challenge:
    • The challenge has been launched with an objective to provide a platform to start-ups within the country to showcase their innovative solutions within the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector.

Source: PIB