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  • Minimum Marital Age for Women

    This editorial analysis is based on the article “Increasing age of marriage will be exercise of carceral power by state which will...

    22 Aug 2020 Gender

  • Women in Research And Development

    Why in News According to the Science and Technology Indicators (STI), 2018, India’s private sector research companies appear to employ a...

    21 Aug 2020 Gender

  • Minimum Age of Marriage for Girls

    Why in News The Prime Minister, during his address to the nation on the 74th Independence Day, announced that the central government has set up a...

    17 Aug 2020 Gender

  • Government Order for PC of Women in Army

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Defence has issued the formal Government Sanction Letter for grant of Permanent Commission (PC) to Women...

    24 Jul 2020 Gender

  • International Nurses Day

    Why in News The International Nurses Day is annually observed on May 12. May 12 was chosen for celebrating the day as it is the birth anniversary...

    12 May 2020 Gender

  • Gender Disparity and Covid-19

    Why in News Recently, GlobalHealth50/50 suggested that the gender-split of Covid-19 cases in all countries is roughly 50-50, barring two exceptions:...

    09 Apr 2020 Gender

  • Safety of Women During Lockdown

    Why in News Recently, the Union Minister of Women and Child Development had a video-conference with personnel associated with the Ministry. The...

    09 Apr 2020 Gender

  • Violence Against Women on Rise

    Why in News Recently, UN-Women, women’s rights activists, government authorities, and civil society partners across the globe have said that...

    08 Apr 2020 Gender

  • Rise in Violence Against Women

    Why in News The National Commission for Women (NCW) has recorded a more than twofold rise in gender-based violence. It has been argued that the...

    04 Apr 2020 Gender

  • Permanent Commission for Women in Indian Navy

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court upheld the right of serving Short Service Commission (SSC) women officers of the Navy to be granted...

    18 Mar 2020 Gender

  • Gender Parity Index: UNESCO

    Gender Parity Index in primary, secondary and tertiary education is the ratio of the number of female students enrolled at primary, secondary and...

    06 Mar 2020 Gender

  • Initiatives for Gender Equality in Science

    Why in News The President of India has announced a few initiatives for gender advancement and equality in academic and research institutions on the...

    29 Feb 2020 Gender

  • Command Posts for Women in Army

    Why in news The Supreme Court (SC) has asked the Central Government to accommodate women at command post in non-combat services like National Cadet...

    06 Feb 2020 Gender

  • First National Conference on Intersex Human Rights

    Why in News Recently, the first national conference on intersex human rights was organised by Srishti Madurai in partnership with Intersex Asia in...

    03 Jan 2020 Gender

  • The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019

    The Parliament passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019. Key Features Definition of a transgender person: The Bill...

    27 Nov 2019 Gender

  • GOAL (Going Online as Leaders)

    The second phase of GOAL (Going Online as Leaders) has been jointly launched by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Facebook to digitally mentor 5000...

    18 Oct 2019 Gender

  • Declining Sex Ratio and Fertility Rates

    As per the Sample Registration System (SRS) data from the Registrar General of India, the country’s sex ratio at birth (SRB) declined to 898 in...

    16 Jul 2019 Gender

  • Married Women Out of Labour Force

    The UN report on “Progress of The World’s Women, 2019-2020”, has stated that more than half the married women (aged 25-54) didn't...

    27 Jun 2019 Gender

  • SDG Gender Index

    SDG Gender Index has been developed by Equal Measures 2030. It is a joint effort of regional and global organisations including African...

    04 Jun 2019 Gender

  • The 17th Lok Sabha has the Highest Number of Women MPs

    The 17th Lok Sabha will see the highest number of women parliamentarians, 78 in all. Women’s representation has steadily increased in the Lok...

    30 May 2019 Gender

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