Verification Drive of Outsiders in Uttarakhand | 22 May 2024

Why in News?

According to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Police will resume the verification drive to confirm the identity of people coming from other states and living in the state after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections.

Key Points

  • The objective of this drive is to maintain law and order and check the credentials of outsiders.
    • It has come to light that people from outside the state commit criminal acts in the state and leave. Many times, terrorists have also been apprehended by the police of Uttarakhand as well as other states.
  • According to the officials, the verification drive will be restarted once the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) imposed by the Election Commission of India is lifted after declaration of the results on 4th June 2024.
    • Uttarakhand voted in the first of the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections on 19th April 2024.

Model Code of Conduct (MCC)

  • The MCC is a consensus document. The political parties have themselves agreed to keep their conduct during elections in check and to work within the Code.
  • It helps the EC in keeping with the mandate it has been given under Article 324 of the Constitution, which gives it the power to supervise and conduct free and fair elections to the Parliament and State Legislatures.
  • The MCC is operational from the date on which the election schedule is announced until the date of the result announcement.
  • The government cannot announce any financial grants, promise construction of roads or other facilities, and make any ad hoc appointments in government or public undertaking during the time the Code is in force.