Transmission Service Agreement Signed Between Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company and Megha Engineering | 31 Jan 2023

Why In News?

On 30 January 2023, a tie-up was signed between Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company and M/s Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited to build 17 ultra-high-pressure substations in Madhya Pradesh. T.S.A. (Transmission Service Agreement) was signed.

Key points

  • Earlier, RECPDCL, the Bid Process Co-ordinator appointed by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, after completing the tender process, transferred the SPA (Share Purchase Agreement) to the lowest bidder M/s Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited, Hyderabad.
  • Chief Engineer Sanjay Kulshrestha said that keeping minimum in TBCB (Tariff Based Competitive Bidding), M/s Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited has won this contract for construction of 17 ultra high-tension substations for Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company.
  • The 17 extra high-tension substations include one 400 KV substation, 3 220 KV substations and 13 132 KV substations. These include 10 substations in central region and 7 substations in western region.
  • M/s Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited has won the tender after 59 rounds of e-reverse auction process. Adani Transmission Limited, Power Grid Corporation of India, Tata Power Company Limited and Techno Electric & Engineering Company Limited were involved in the final round tender process.
  • In this package, state's first 400 KV GIS substation in Mandideep industrial area of Bhopal, 132/33 KV substation in Bhopal itself. 2nd GIS substation HOD of 220 KV at Bisonikala of Hoshangabad district in Bhopal region, Shahpur of Betul district, Chhapiheda of Rajgarh district, Sodalpur of Harda district, Pathari of Raisen district, and Bari, Jawar Jod of Sehore district, Semrahat of Ashoknagar district GIS of 132/33 KV substation of 132 KV in Pithampur, Dhar district. substations, 220 KV substation at Khargone, 132/33 KV substations at Bhatpachlana in Ujjain district, Pipalgaon in Khargone district, Dhodar in Ratlam district, Chobradhir in Dewas district, Ambaja in Alirajpur district.
  • After construction, these substations will be operated by M/s Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited for 35 years.