Students will get Information about Flagship Schemes in Coaching Institutes | 02 Feb 2023

Why In News?

According to the information received from the Rajasthan Information and Public Relations Department on February 1, 2023, the information about various flagship schemes of the state government, the publicity being done through Sujas mobile app and social media platforms will be conveyed to the youth.

Key points

  • According to the information, a special campaign will be launched from February 2 to 9 for the promotion of government schemes among the students studying in coaching institutes. This campaign will be conducted as per the instructions of Director Information and Public Relations Department.
  • Two teams have been formed for this. These teams will reach various coaching centers and colleges and give information about all the flagship schemes of the state government.
  • Information and Public Relations Department will provide information regarding Sujas Mobile App, Sujas e-Bulletin, Video Bulletin and Sujas Voice in these coaching institutes.
  • This innovative initiative of the department will not only give wide publicity to the flagship schemes of the government among the students but will also reach the benefit of the public welfare schemes of the government to the common people.