Salgaon Dam Project | 29 Jul 2021

Why in News

  • On July 28 2021, the long proposed 'Salgaon Dam Project' was approved providing a permanent solution to the drinking water problem of Mount Abu.

Key Points

  • Salgaon dam project was proposed in 1977 at an estimated cost of Rs. 27 lakh but now it is estimated to cost Rs. 250 crore.
  • Since Mount Abu depends completely on rain for its water supply, the government of Rajasthan had long ago approved Salagaon Dam scheme to facilitate rain water storage.
  • The total catchment area of ​​the Salgaon dam in this project is 777.90 hectares and the total filling capacity is estimated at 155.56 million cubic feet.
  • The total submergence area of ​​the dam is 52.55 hectares, out of which 5.96 hectares is reserved forest land and 46.59 hectares is private and government land.
  • Upper Kodra and Lower Kodra are the main sources of drinking water for the present water projects in Mount Abu. They provide about 42.62 MCFT water annually whereas the present water demand for Mount Abu is estimated at 85.21 MCFT (including schools, army, tourist population).