Rajasthan Government Announces Mission Olympics 2028 | 12 Feb 2024

Why in News?

In the interim budget 2024-25, Rajasthan deputy chief minister and finance minister Diya Kumari announced the Mission Olympics 2028.

Key Points

  • Under the scheme, 50 talented youths will be provided world-class sports facilities.
  • The selected youths will be given access to an acceleration center and an acceleration coach in Jaipur, where they will be groomed for the Olympic level competition.
  • The state government has also allocated Rs. 100 crore for setting up a Centre of Excellence for Sports in Jaipur, which will offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment for various sports disciplines.
  • The Mission Olympics 2028 scheme is part of the state government’s vision to promote sports and physical education in Rajasthan.
    • The minister also announced several other initiatives in the budget, such as providing free sports kits to 10 lakh students, constructing 500 playgrounds in rural areas, and establishing a Sports University in Jodhpur.
  • According to the minister the government is committed to creating a conducive environment for sports in the state and encouraging the youth to pursue their dreams.