Probiotic Dark Chocolate | 26 May 2022

Why in News?

  • Recently, Chandni Roy, a student of MSc from Food Technology at Gwalior Jiwaji University, has made the immunity booster probiotic extract chocolate for chocolate lovers.

Key Points

  • In this chocolate, Chandni Roy has used a probiotic and kept the sugar content to a minimum.
  • The healthy probiotic chocolate uses cocoa powder, milk powder, coconut oil and probiotics (Lactobacillus bulgaris, Lactobacillus cassie, Lactobacillus acidophils).
  • Chandni Roy explained that eating probiotic dark chocolate has a lot of benefits. The anti-oxidants found in dark chocolate normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of clotting in the heart. The flavonoids found in chocolate helps prevent harmful rays from the skin.