New Technology of Clothes Made from Enzymes | 16 Nov 2022

Why in News?

On November 16, 2022, Director, Department of Uttar Pradesh Institute of Textile Technology, Dr. G. Nalan Killi said that the scientist of the department, Prof. AK Patra has discovered a new technique to prepare clothes of favorite color and design from enzymes instead of chemicals. It has also been successfully used in the lab.

Key Points

  • Prof. Patra said that clothes made with enzyme technology will not harm the human body and environment. In this, environmental friendly enzymes are used as an alternative to various chemicals.
  • He said that in case the cloth is damaged or thrown away, this enzyme will mix it in the soil and make it fertile. This enzyme will not harm water or the human body either.
  • It is worth mentioning that Kanpur-based scientist Prof. Patra is the head of the Department of Textile Chemistry at the Uttar Pradesh Institute of Textile Technology. He has listed more than 800 such chemicals, which are being used in the textile industry and harmful to the environment. His research paper has been published in a prestigious Journal of England.
  • For such works, including finding techniques to protect textiles from chemicals, Prof. Patra will be honoured with the world's highest textile award. The award will be given to him by England's 'The Society of Dyer and Colorist'. Prof. Patra will be the first scientist in the country to receive the Chartered Colourist Award.
  • It is noteworthy that the Chartered Colorist Award is given for research in textiles and outstanding work in the academic field.