Mass Hysteria | 01 Aug 2022

Why in News

  • Recently, there was an incident of some children crying, screaming, rolling on the ground, banging their heads and falling unconscious without any reason from a school in Uttarakhand, which is believed to be a case of 'mass hysteria'.

Key Points

  • According to sources, this incident is from Raikholi Junior High School in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, in which the crying, insensible girls are said to be of class 8th. This problem was found in a total of 8 children. Among them there were 6 girls and 2 boys.
  • Bageshwar Deputy CMO Harish Pokhriyal said that after talking to the children, it was found that they were already nervous and had come to school empty stomach. He said whether this is a case of mass hysteria or not? It will be clear only after thorough investigation. However, according to media reports, cases of such 'mass hysteria' in Uttarakhand have already been seen in schools in Almora, Pithoragarh, Chamoli districts.
  • All instances of 'mass hysteria' have been recorded of people suddenly screaming, crying and fainting. In the year 2018, a 9-year-old girl started crying and screaming at a school in Puthan district of Nepal, after seeing 47 children were found crying and screaming in the school. In the same school in the year 2017 and in the year 2016 as well, many children had similar behaviour or symptoms on the same day. This was considered a unique case of repeating 'mass hysteria'.
  • Apart from this, the rumor of Monkeyman also took the form of mass hysteria in India's capital Delhi in May 2001. People had stopped leaving the house after sunset. Many people claimed that they were attacked by Monkeyman. Three people were killed, who fell from the roof while running out of fear. Nails and teeth marks were found on people's bodies. After investigating the whole matter, the police had told the monkeyman to be just a rumour. Later studies made it clear that this was 'mass hysteria'.
  • According to a report by Healthline, most of the cases of 'mass hysteria' have been seen and heard, some incident has been seen to happen. Like the behavior, actions, or symptoms that people see or hear in others, they often start to do or feel the same themselves.
  • Some experts also use the term 'mass hysteria' for a situation that is not a real threat, but is a fear in a group of people about that danger.
  • Behind 'mass hysteria' there are things like rumours, actions, thoughts, fears or dangers. Its symptoms are real, even if there is no real danger or health problem behind it. Symptoms of mass hysteria start and end suddenly. Symptoms include chest pain, lethargy, headache, fainting, tremors, partial paralysis, laughing or crying. Even after investigation, the reason for the symptoms or movements seen in it is not known.