Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Century | 21 Jun 2022

Why in News?

Recently, experts from South Africa and Namibia came to see the preparations for the settlement of cheetahs in the Kuno Palpur Century and the member secretary of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, S.P. Yadav has recommended a complete shutdown of tourism activities around the cheetah enclosure.

Key Points

  • Experts say that the cheetahs in Kuno are 5 square kilometers. It will be kept in the enclosure, around which neither entry should be given to the tourists nor any kind of tourism proposal should be approved for it.
  • Not only this, the expert has also recommended to cover the fencing of the enclosure built for cheetahs with a green mat. The African expert said that if the green matis not installed, they will try to cross the fencing. Therefore, they will be made to feel that there is nothing after fencing by applying green mats.
  • It is being recommended for the time being to ban tourism activities till the cheetahs remain in the enclosure. The proposal has dealt a blow to the state's forest and environment ministry's efforts to promote tourism.
  • It is worth mentioning that the Tourism Department of Madhya Pradesh was making preparations to promote tourism in Kuno after the arrival of the cheetahs. Under this, the tourism plan of The Kuno Century was prepared. It was said to give entry to a maximum of 100 vehicles of tourists every day.
  • The cheetahs coming from Africa are expected to arrive at the Kuno Sanctuary by August, 2022. Madhya Pradesh has been making efforts for the settlement of cheetahs in Kuno for the last 27 years. After 70 years of independence, an attempt is being made to establish this extinct creature once again in the country.