International Trade Fair | 28 Jan 2023

Why In News?

On 27 January, 2023, Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Chairman Rajiv Arora told the Rajasthan export promotion council meeting held in Jodhpur that with the aim of giving new heights to industrial development in Rajasthan on the world stage an international trade fair will be organized at EPCH Center Boranada Industrial Area of Jodhpur from On March 20 to 22, 2023.

Key points

  • Chairman of Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Rajiv Arora said in the meeting that apart from furniture, the main products exported from Jodhpur will also be exhibited in this international fair, agriculture and various types of processing industries, engineering products, steel etc. will also be exhibited.
  • He said that for this, foreign buyers will be invited to participate in this event by contacting Indian Embassies and High Commissioners of Countries like Europe, America, Central Asia, Australia etc. Handicrafts Export Promotion Council and major exporters and exporter organizations will also provide the desired support.
  • Rajiv Arora said that suggestions will be invited from various entrepreneurs and exporters for the successful implementation of this international level trade fair, and they will be implemented mainly. Local exporters and non-export entrepreneurs will play every possible role to make the event a success.
  • He said that the expo will especially encourage those artisans of the division, who metros like Delhi must work in villages and go to, Mumbai etc. to sell their products. Through this event, products will reach more and more buyers and their attraction towards local products will increase.
  • It was informed in the meeting that special attention will be paid to special maintenance and beautification of roads in Jodhpur city during the mela period. A committee will be formed by the organizing organizations and entrepreneurs to cooperate in this event.