Innovation of Election Commission of India - Facility of Home Voting in Assembly General Elections for the First Time in the State. | 23 Sep 2023

Why In News?

On September 21, 2023, Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan Praveen Gupta said that as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, for the first time in the state, senior citizens above 80 years of age and especially abled voters with more than 40 percent disability category will be eligible for voting in the assembly general elections. Voting initiative has been taken.

Key Points:

  • Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta said that the Commission has made this innovation in the direction of inclusive elections. Under this, booth level officers are going door-to-door and providing information regarding home voting to the eligible voters.
  • In these elections, 18.05 lakh eligible voters will be able to get this facility as an option. This feature is available as an option. If eligible voters want to opt for this facility, they will have to fill the 12-D form given by the BLO and submit it to the BLO within 5 days of the issue of election notification.
  • Praveen Gupta said that the list of these voters who have chosen the option of home voting will be made available to all the recognized political parties by the returning officer and the polling team formed will get these voters to vote through postal ballot.
  • It is noteworthy that in the state, 12 lakh 13 thousand 817 voters above 80 years of age and 5 lakh 95 thousand voters are registered as especially abled people.