Inauguration of Milk and Milk Products Project of Gyan Dairy in Gorakhpur. | 17 Oct 2023

Why In News?

On October 16, 2023, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the milk and milk products project of Gyan Dairy in Gida of Gorakhpur district. Along with this, the Chief Minister also honored 5 women associated with the dairy industry.

Key Points:

  • This dairy plant of Gyan Dairy is being set up as CP Milk and Food Products Pvt. Ltd. The cost of this project, spread over an area of 20067 square meters, is Rs 114 crore.
  • With this, 1 lakh cattle rearing families will get the benefit of direct connection. This will directly provide employment to 300 people. 1500 other people will get indirect employment.
  • Various products will be made from this milk, which will provide direct employment to 1 lakh families. Along with this, crop residues, chaff, sugarcane, mustard etc. will also be sold to the farmers for nutritious food required for cows and buffaloes and they will get a fair price.
  • Under this project, milk producer cooperative societies will be formed in Gorakhpur and Basti divisions.
  • 5000 milk collection centers will be established in Gorakhpur, Deoria, Kushinagar, Basti, Sant Kabirnagar and Siddharthnagar districts. This will provide direct and indirect employment to 1800 people.
  • 5 lakh liters of milk will be consumed daily in this project. Out of this, 3 lakh liters of milk will be packaged and various milk products will be prepared from 2 lakh liters of milk. For this, contracts will be signed with 1 lakh farmers and cattle herders for milk supply.