Important Decisions taken in the Meeting of Madhya Pradesh Council of Ministers | 13 Jul 2023

Why in News?

On July 12, 2023, in the meeting of the Council of Ministers held under the chairmanship of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Cabinet approved the policy for the collection of consumer fees by women self-help groups and took several other important decisions.

Key Points:

  • The Cabinet approved the policy for the collection of consumer fees by women's self-help groups. The Cabinet took this decision to ensure more efficient participation of women's self-help groups and participation in the collection of consumer fees (toll).
    • According to the decision, consumer fee collection will be done by women self-help groups on routes with an annual collection income of less than two crore out of the routes approved earlier. Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation has been authorised to select such a route.
  • The Cabinet decided to increase the honorarium of the President and Vice President of the District and Janpad Panchayat.
    • The honorarium and vehicle allowance of the District Panchayat President will be increased to Rs 1 lakh monthly (honorarium 35 thousand rupees and vehicle allowance 65 thousand rupees) and the honorarium and vehicle allowance of the Vice President of the District Panchayat will be increased to 42 thousand rupees monthly (honorarium 28 thousand 500 rupees and vehicle allowance 13 thousand 500 rupees).
    • It was decided to increase the honorarium of the Janpad Panchayat President to Rs 19,500 per month and that of the Janpad Panchayat Vice President to Rs 13,500 per month.
    • Apart from this, the maximum annual honorarium of Panch/ Deputy Sarpanch will be Rs 1800.
  • The Cabinet also approved the expenditure of Rs 274.95 crore for the additional annual amount required for honorarium at the rate of Rs 18,000 per month on filling up of vacant posts and vacant posts of Village Employment Assistant. This amount will be spent on stamp duty collection or minor mineral items.
  • The Cabinet has approved the establishment of 8 new colleges in the state, new faculty in 2 colleges and post-graduate / graduate subjects in 3 colleges.
    • New government colleges will be set up at Khalwa in Khandwa district, Fanda in Bhopal, Bansagar in Shahdol, Baroda in Sheopur Kalan, Mandwas in Sidhi, Betma in Indore, Hanumana in Rewa and Hatta in Balaghat.
    • Also, new faculties will be started in the already-run government colleges in Bijawar of Chhatarpur and Churhat of Sidhi.
    • Apart from this, art and science subjects will be started in Government College Rampur Naikin, Art and Science in District Sidhi, Government College Lamata, Arts and Biology in District Balaghat and Music and Fine Art at Government Girls College, Neemuch.