Important decisions of the Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister | 19 Jan 2022

Why in News

  • In the meeting of the Council of Ministers held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on January 18, 2022, many important decisions were taken including amending the lien rights of the holders in the government land of urban areas.

Key Points

  • The cabinet decided to amend the circular issued on September 24, 2020, regarding the lien of holders in government land in urban areas. According to the amendment, if there is a mixed use (residential and commercial/commercial) of the same plot, then for such a plot the premium and annual land rent for the part of the residential use will be calculated according to the residential purpose.
  • On the same plot, for commercial/commercial share, 120 percent premium of the rate fixed for residential purpose and annual land rent will be determined according to residential purpose. Also, where two separate plots are to be used by a family, one for residential and the other for commercial purpose, two separate leases shall be granted in such cases. In such cases, the family will be deemed to have been given one time benefit under the circular.
  • The cabinet made other provisions for the consideration of the Madhya Pradesh State General Welfare Commission. In this, the commission will identify the beneficiaries for the welfare of the general category people, consider the points related to the overall welfare of the general category, make new action plans for the state government in the direction of the welfare of the general category people in the state, in the old programs. Making necessary changes and making suggestions on incidental matters.
  • It was decided by the cabinet to give additional 5 percent marks to the candidates of different categories in the examinations obtained by the Professional Examination Board and to fix the maximum age limit of 55 years in view of the service rendered by the candidates of these categories. The different categories of candidates include Ex-Servicemen, Surplus Employees, Disabled and Dead Soldiers in Indo-Pak conflict etc.
  • In view of the need of Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder in the possible third wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Council of Ministers to M/s Shaba Cylinder Pvt Ltd, Ujjain to manufacture 07 cubic meter D type gas cylinders in the industrial area with a view to develop the manufacturing capacity of the product at the local level. Decision was taken to allot 50 thousand square feet of land located at Maksi Road, Ujjain directly.
  • The cabinet approved the decision of formation of SPV MP State Assets Management Company (MPSAMC) in Madhya Pradesh Public Asset Management Department.
  • The cabinet decided to change the name of 'Vimukt, Nomadic and Semi-nomadic Tribal Welfare Department' to 'Nomadic and Ardh Nomadic Tribes Department'.