Food Supply Department to Install GPS System on Vehicles | 04 Oct 2022

Why in News?

On October 3, 2022, Jharkhand Food Supplies Minister Rameshwar Oraon, while talking to media persons, said that the state government will monitor the vehicles lifting food grains from godowns and other centers with GPS tracking system to keep an eye on the disturbances in ration distribution in the state.

Key Points

  • Food Supplies Minister Rameshwar Oraon said the new system was being implemented by the state government following complaints that PDS shopkeepers and beneficiaries were getting less foodgrains.
  • Vehicles carrying ration will have GPS tracking systems, he said. For this, a plan is being worked out to set up a command-and-control room in the State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited. Through this, the government will monitor the movement of these vehicles.
  • The state government has floated a tender for setting up a GPS-based vehicle tracking system and command and control centre.
  • He informed that the total priority household ration cards (PHH) in the state are 5112307, in which total family members are 22906422; Antyodaya ration card holders in the state are 896614, total members in the family of Antyodaya ration cardholders are 3519024; The white ration card holders are 372792, the white ration card holder's family members are 1404506 and the state green ration card holders are 461292 and the green ration card holder's family has total members 1478083.