CM Releases 44 Important Books Including 'Adi Vidroh' | 10 Aug 2022

Why in News?

  • On August 9, 2022, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel released 'Adi Vidroh' and 44 other books published by Tribal Research Training Institute in the World Tribal Day program organized at his residence office.

Key Points

  • The Chief Minister also released the calendar of Gram Sabha Awareness Campaign towards forest rights, campaign song and video message of Community Forest Resource Right (Chargaon District Dhamtari) in the program.
  • To display the valor saga of heroic tribal Jannayaks who played a leading role in various movements for the independence of the country and the revolts carried out by tribals from time to time for water-forest-land exploitation, protection from oppression and for Indian independence, Tribal Research and Training Institute has prepared a booklet on Adi Vidroh, Chhattisgarh ke Adivasi Vidroh and Swatantrata Sangram ke Adivasi JanaNayaka.
  • In this book the role of the tribal leaders of the state is described from the Halba Rebellion of 1774 to the Bhumkal Rebellion of 1910 and the various movements in the pre-independence period.
  • The English version of this coffeetable book has been published as The Tribal Revolts Tribal Heroes of Freedom Movement and the Tribal Rebellions of Chhattisgarh.
  • Tribal Cuisine: Northern tribal areas of the state, such as- Surguja, Jashpur, Korea, Balrampur, Surajpur etc., Central tribal areas, such as- Raigarh, Korba, Bilaspur, Kabirdham, Rajnandgaon, Gariaband, Mahasamund, Dhamtari and South tribal areas, such as- Kanker, Kondagaon, Narayanpur, Bastar, Dantewada, Sukma and Bijapur districts have been recorded in the special types of dishes and their methods showing the resources available in their natural habitat and their lifestyle.
  • Tribal Art of Chhattisgarh: Tribal communities residing in the districts of North Central and South region of Chhattisgarh state, useful items of their daily life, murals carved in the walls of houses, geometric figures used in specific rituals, etc. have always been the subject of attraction for the general public since time immemorial. In these, artefacts usually made on walls and on the ground, artifacts made of bamboo and rope, and tattoos or designs tattooed on the bodies of women, and their traditional knowledge have been recorded.
  • Tribal Teej-Festivals of Chhattisgarh: The Kathori and Sohrai festivals of the hill Korwa tribes of the northern region of the state, Sarhul and Karma festivals of the Oraon tribes, Banagadi and Jivatia festivals of the Khairwar tribes, Chherta and Akti festivals of the Baiga tribes of the central region, Mata Rachani and Akti festivals of the Kamar tribes, Jyotis and Chaurdhoni festival of Binjhwar tribe, Uwans and Nawakhai festival of Rajgond tribe, etc., Mati Tihar and Karsad festival of Abujhmadia tribe of South region or Bastar division, Kohkang and Mati Saad festival of Muria tribe, Beej Bahadani and Teeja Chauth of Halba tribes and Amus or Hareli, Bali Parab festival of Parja tribes, and similar festivals of other tribes of the state have also been recorded.
  • Anthropological Studies: An anthropological study book of 9 tribes of the state, namely- Rajgond Dhurva, Kandra, Nagvanshi, Dhangad, Saunta, Pardhi, Dhanwar and Kondh tribes was prepared, in which the origin of tribes, social organization, political life, religious life and social rites etc. is described.
  • Monograph Study: A monograph study has been done on 21 points related to the lifestyle of the tribes of the state, which includes the publication related to customary law of Gond, Halba, Pahari Korwa, Kamar, Majhwar and Khadia tribes, Sarna festival of Oraon, Cultural change in Oraon tribe, Phagun Madai of Dantewada, Mavali Madai of Narayanpur, Ghotpal Madai, Bhangaram Jatra, Baiga Godna (tattooing), Bhujia tattooing, Red bungalow of Bhujia tribe, Bamboo pot making in Kamar tribe, Haat market in Kamar tribe, Haat market in Baiga tribe, Katha manufacturing method in Khairwar tribe and Handia (Popular Tribal Drink) & Mand making in Surguja division.
  • Language Dialect: With the aim of preserving their specific dialects prevalent in the tribes of the state, dictionary and conversation brief in Sadri dialect, dictionary and conversation brief in Dorli dialect, dictionary and conversation brief in Gondi dialect, dictionary and conversation brief in Gondi dialect Dandami Madiya have been created.
  • Primers: The work of publishing the Primers has been done for the promotion of the tribal dialects of the state and to provide alphabetical knowledge to the children of the primary level in their mother tongue. This episode includes Counting Chart in Gondi dialect, Alphabet Chart in Gondi dialect, Alphabetical Chart in Baigani dialect, Counting Chart in Baigani dialect and Barakhadi Chart in Baigani dialect etc. Apart from this, books on Rajgond, Dhurva, Kandra, Nagvanshi, Dhangad, Saunta, Pardhi, Dhanwar, Kondh have been published in other book.