3D Dome Screen Imported from Germany Reached Patna | 12 Jan 2023

Why In News?

  • On January 11, 2023, the new 3D Dome Screen Planetarium imported from Germany reached Patna. With this, soon the people of Patna will get an opportunity to see and understand the world of stars on the 3-D screen in the planetarium.

Key Points

  • The responsibility of modernizing the planetarium of Patna has been given to the German company Carl Zeiss. From next week, the team of Carl Zeiss and NCSM will install separate panels of 3-D dome screens. With this, the projection system of the planetarium will be completely digitized.
  • With the modernization of about Rs 34 crore, you will be able to watch world-class films made on the solar system here. Along with this, the laser projector will mix RGB rays through the computer to create real colors for 3-D shows.
  • The seating arrangement will also be changed for the convenience of the spectators, which will be even more comfortable than before.
  • Ananth Kumar, project and programming director of The Planetarium, said that the installation of 3-D screens will start from next week. After this, side walls and seating arrangements will be arranged. By the first week of April 2023, viewers will be able to get acquainted with the world of stars in a new style here.
  • Along with the modernization of the planetarium, a separate Space and Astronomy Gallery will be prepared for the visitors coming here. The new gallery will be constructed on the first floor of the planetarium building in about 600 square feet at a cost of Rs 2 crore. In this gallery, people will be given detailed information about space, galaxy, star and solar system through multimedia panels and interactive exhibits.
  • The Space and Astronomy Gallery has been designed by a team from the National Council of Science Museums. The gallery will be built using the latest technology using LED screens, laser-based projectors and updated display techniques.