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  • Persian Gulf Region

    Why in News The persian gulf region has the presence of the major producers of crude oil and natural gas, and thereby contributing critically to the...

    08 Jun 2020 News Analysis

  • Fall in Global Carbon Emissions

    Why in News Recently, the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) has evaluated Covid-19’s effect on carbon...

    20 May 2020 News Analysis

  • Global Energy Review 2020 : IEA

    Why in News Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report namely, Global Energy Review:2020 which also includes the impact...

    01 May 2020 News Analysis

  • Impact of Oil Price Crash

    This editorial is based on “Don’t waste the oil crisis”, “Tank up strategic oil reserves fast”, “Deep turmoil...

    27 Apr 2020 News Editorials

  • Strategic Petroleum Reserves

    Recently, India has decided to fill its strategic petroleum reserves in view of the slump in crude prices. This will help on two fronts: India...

    27 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Commodity Markets Outlook: World Bank

    Why in News According to the World Bank’s April 2020 Commodity Markets Outlook, Covid-19 is expected to bring most commodity prices down...

    24 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Oil Prices Below Zero

    Why in News Recently, the prices of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the best quality of crude oil in the world, fell to minus $40.32 a barrel in...

    22 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Talks on Oil Cut Deal at G-20

    Why in News Recently, at G20 talks, top oil nations pushed to finalise a deal on oil cuts to lift prices slashed by the coronavirus crisis. Key...

    11 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • India: 3rd Largest Producer of Electricity

    Why in News As per the Key World Energy Statistics 2019, India is the 3rd largest producer of electricity in the world. India was 106th in...

    20 Mar 2020 News Analysis

  • Oil Prices Crash

    This article is based on Oil’s rout: on fall in prices, What the dip in oil prices means, The sudden crash in crude oil prices offers many...

    11 Mar 2020 News Editorials

  • Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak

    Why in News Stock markets in India crashed on 9th March, 2020 as Sensex and Nifty indices saw their biggest ever fall in absolute terms. The...

    11 Mar 2020 News Analysis

  • The Big Picture: West Asia Crisis & India

    The escalating tension between Iran and the USA is leading to a situation of crisis in the West Asian region. The United States of America has...

    04 Feb 2020 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions

  • Return of Inflation

    This article is based on “The perils of RBI’s fixation on inflation”, “A rough patch”, “Inflation shocker: On...

    17 Jan 2020 News Editorials

  • OPEC +

    Why in News According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) plus might face sharp...

    16 Nov 2019 News Analysis

  • BASIC Meeting on Climate Change

    The BASIC countries held their 28th ministerial meeting on Climate Change from 14th to 16th August 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The countries...

    19 Aug 2019 News Analysis

  • Strait of Hormuz

    In a recent incident, four commercial vessels were sabotaged near Fujairah (an emirate of the UAE), one of the world’s largest bunkering hubs...

    14 May 2019 News Analysis

  • RBI Monetary Policy

    The Reserve Bank of India has announced first bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement for the financial year 2019-20. LAF Adjustment The...

    05 Apr 2019 News Analysis

  • Saudi Investment in Strategic Oil Storage

    India has invited Saudi Arabia to partner in building strategic oil reserves and further invest in India’s refining and Petrochemical...

    11 Mar 2019 News Analysis

  • Venezuela Crisis

    The leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Guaido has declared himself as president of Venezuela on January 23, challenging the power...

    31 Jan 2019 News Analysis

  • World Energy Outlook 2018

    The World Energy Outlook 2018 report released by International Energy Agency’s (IEA) highlights the crucial considerations for the global...

    21 Jan 2019 News Analysis

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