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  • Policy Watch: Robotics and Automation in India

    The All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) has announced the launch of a new initiative the ‘Tech Startup Program’. It...

    18 Oct 2019 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions

  • Malnutrition in India

    This article is based on “For a wider food menu” (The Hindu) and “Nutrition is no puzzle” (The Indian Express). It talks...

    18 Oct 2019 News Editorials

  • Mt Paektu

    Mount Paektu or Changbai (in Chinese) is considered sacred by the Koreans. It is a volcanic mountain that last erupted over 1,000 years ago. It...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Catalonian Unrest

    More than 100 people were detained by Police in Catalonia over controversy sparked by arrest of separatist leaders. Catalonia is a semi-autonomous...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • India Innovation Index 2019

    NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Ayog with the Institute for Competitiveness has released the India Innovation Index 2019. The...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • PRS Capsule September 2019

    Key Highlights of PRS Polity Ladakh under 6th Schedule of the Constitution The Prohibition of E-Cigarettes Ordinance, 2019 Draft Bill to Prohibit...

    18 Oct 2019 PRS Capsule

  • Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar

    As part of the Indian Navy's Overseas Deployment, four indigenously built ships of the Indian Navy are visiting the ports at Dar es Salaam and...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Global Tuberculosis Report 2019: WHO

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released its 2019 edition of the Global Tuberculosis (TB) Report. The report provides a...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis


    Indian Air Force (IAF) is participating in the joint bilateral exercise EX EASTERN BRIDGE V with Royal Air Force Oman (RAFO). The exercise is...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • India-US Relationship

    This article is based on “The operative word must be bilateralism” which was published in The Hindu on 17/11/2019. It talks about the...

    17 Oct 2019 News Editorials

  • e-Governance

    e-Governance can be defined as the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for providing government services, exchange of...

    17 Oct 2019 Paper 2

  • Tulagi Island

    A Beijing-based company which has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party has secured exclusive development rights for the entire island of...

    17 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Rangdum Monastery

    The Archaeological Survey of India is planning to declare the Rangdum Monastery located in Ladakh (Kargil district) as a monument of national...

    17 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • 20th Livestock Census

    Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying has released the 20th Livestock Census report recently. The release provides key results...

    17 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Cost Dynamics of Electricity Production

    The editorial is based on the article “A cost-effective way to power generation” which appeared in The Hindu on 16 October 2019. The...

    16 Oct 2019 News Editorials

  • Global Hunger Index-2019

    In the recently released Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report-2019, India was ranked at 102nd position out of 117 countries. The report is an annual...

    16 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Microbial Fuel Cells

    Recently, at a London Zoo, a fern started taking its own selfies. The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) scientists had laid the groundwork with the...

    16 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Third India Energy Forum

    Recently, the India Ministerial Dialogue was held at 3rd India Energy Forum by CERAWeek in New Delhi. The Indian, as well as regional energy...

    16 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • China-Nepal-India Triangulation

    This article is based on “Xi’s Security Diplomacy” that was published in The Indian Express on 15/10/2019. It talks about how...

    15 Oct 2019 News Editorials

  • International Labour Organization

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. It is the only tripartite U.N. agency. It brings together...

    15 Oct 2019 International Institutions

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