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  • Is Social Media Polarising Society?

    (This editorial is based on the article “Is Social Media Polarising Society?” which appears in The Hindu on 6th December 2018.) We...

    07 Dec 2018 News Editorials

  • PRS Capsule October 2018

    Key Highlights of PRS Draft Cape Town Convention Bill, 2018 released Ministry of Civil Aviation released the Digi Yatri policy Cabinet...

    15 Nov 2018 PRS Capsule

  • Uttar Pradesh

    State: Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Formed: 1 April 1937-as United province Statehood: 26 January 1950-rechristened as Uttar Pradesh Capital:...

    31 Oct 2018 Know Your State

  • UPPCS Study Material

    Benefits of This Material Any Assistance? 8448485520 Enquire Now The programme extensively covers all the relevant NCERTs,...

    30 Oct 2018 Distance Learning Programme (DLP)

  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

    What is WIPO? WIPO is one of the oldest specialised agencies of United Nations. Intellectual Property Intellectual property (IP) is a...

    27 Oct 2018 International Institutions

  • Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC)

    The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched the web portal of the Scheme “Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research...

    26 Oct 2018 News Analysis

  • The Allahabad In Prayagraj

    (The editorial is based on the article “The Allahabad in Prayagraj” which appeared in The Indian Express on 25th October 2018. It...

    25 Oct 2018 News Editorials

  • Arrest The Exodus In Gujarat

    (The editorial is based on the article “Arrest the exodus in Gujarat” which appeared in The Hindu on 10th October 2018. It analyses the...

    24 Oct 2018 News Editorials

  • UPSC Study Material

    Invitation Offer Free 6 months subscription of Drishti Current Affairs Today magazine with every module. Free Test Series worth ₹ 6,000...

    29 Sep 2018 Distance Learning Programme (DLP)

  • Adultery is Not a Crime: Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional, the 158 year old Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes adultery. The...

    28 Sep 2018 News Analysis

  • Environment

    2018 1. In which one of the following States is Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary located? (a) Arunachal Pradesh (b) Manipur (c) Meghalaya (d)...

    25 Sep 2018 GS Paper I (Subject Wise)

  • Ancient History and Art & Culture

    2018 1. Consider the following pairs: Tradition                           ...

    18 Sep 2018 GS Paper I (Subject Wise)

  • Ethics Strategy (GS Paper - 4 ) Maximum marks: 250

    Introduction GS Paper-4, titled Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude, was introduced as part of mains syllabus reforms from civil services examination,...

    13 Sep 2018 Ethics

  • The Last Hurdle Between You and The Civil Services

    What is personality? Personality is defined as ‘the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive...

    13 Sep 2018 Personality Test

  • Time and Stress Management for Civil Services Aspirants

    Time and stress are interrelated and interconnected. Mismanagement of time usually leads to stress while stress may cause in turn even more time...

    23 Aug 2018 Mains Strategy

  • Preparation Strategy for Civil Services (Preliminary) Exam in the Last 30 Days

    Vishnu Mahajan (AIR 70, UPSC 2015) Dear Aspirants, Civil Services Preliminary Exam is the first phase of the Civil Services Exam but not...

    13 Aug 2018 GS Prelims Strategy

  • Important Facts for Prelims (28th July 2018)

    Stressed Power Assets- Key Schemes The power ministry has suggested two schemes for resolution of stress in the sector: Pariwartan Scheme It...

    28 Jul 2018 News Analysis

  • The Paths To Glory Lead But To The Grave

    –Tapesh Kumar There is an astonishing disposition in human mind to seek pleasure from varied sources, even from pain and melancholy. If it...

    25 Jul 2018 Model Essays

  • Important Facts for Prelims (21st July 2018)

    Van Dhan Yojana Van Dhan Yojana was launched in April 2018, in Chhattisgarh. A Van Dhan Vikas Kendra was set up under the program. The Van Dhan...

    21 Jul 2018 News Analysis

  • Global e-Commerce Norms

    India and South Africa have raised a concern whether it is proper to continue with the current practice of not imposing customs duties on electronic...

    17 Jul 2018 News Analysis

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