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  • Crypto-Currency Exchange

    This article is based on “Regulating cryptocurrency exchanges” which was published in The Indian Express on 01/06/2020. It talks about...

    03 Jun 2020 News Editorials

  • GDP Decreases to 11-year Low

    Why in News According to the provisional data released by the National Statistical Office (NSO), economic growth slowed to an 11-year low of 4.2%...

    30 May 2020 News Analysis

  • Direct Monetisation

    Why in News The government’s (both centre and state) fiscal deficit is expected to shoot up to around 15% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) when...

    25 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Credit Risk Funds

    Why in News Recently, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund (one of the largest fund houses in India) has decided to close its six credit risk...

    25 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Deep Fakes

    Why in News Recently, cybercrime officials in India have been tracking certain apps and websites that produce nude photographs of innocent people...

    25 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • Khudai Khidmatgar Movement

    Why in News It is 90 years for Qissa Khwani Bazaar massacre. Qissa Khwani bazar was the site of a massacre perpetrated by British soldiers...

    25 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • ICMR Recommends Use of Hydroxy-Chloroquine

    Why in News The National Task force for COVID-19, constituted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has suggested the use of...

    24 Mar 2020 News Analysis

  • Oil Prices Crash

    This article is based on Oil’s rout: on fall in prices, What the dip in oil prices means, The sudden crash in crude oil prices offers many...

    11 Mar 2020 News Editorials

  • Medical Data Leaks

    Why in News A German cybersecurity firm, Greenbone Sustainable Resilience has published its second report related to medical data...

    05 Feb 2020 News Analysis

  • Evolution of Indian Judiciary

    This article is based on “The four phases of constitutional interpretation” which was published in The Hindu on 27/01/2020. It talks...

    27 Jan 2020 News Editorials

  • Karwar Port

    Why in News Recently, the High Court of Karnataka has directed the State government to stop all the developmental activities being undertaken at...

    24 Jan 2020 News Analysis

  • 25th Western Zonal Council Meeting

    Why in News The 25th meeting of the western zonal council will be held in January 2020, under the chairmanship of Union Home...

    04 Jan 2020 News Analysis

  • Solar Eclipse

    Why in News Cheruvathur in Kasaragod district, Kerala is one of the three places in the world where the solar eclipse will be most clearly seen on...

    20 Nov 2019 News Analysis

  • Supreme Court on Religious Practices

    This article is based on “Fraught course”, “Explained: The three cases SC wants clubbed with Sabarimala review”,...

    16 Nov 2019 News Editorials

  • Plastic Waste

    Introduction Unlike other forms of wastes like paper, food peels, leaves etc, which are biodegradable (capable of being decomposed by bacteria or...

    29 Oct 2019 Paper 3

  • Mt Paektu

    Mount Paektu or Changbai (in Chinese) is considered sacred by the Koreans. It is a volcanic mountain that last erupted over 1,000 years ago. It...

    18 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Human Migration in India


    04 Oct 2019 Paper 1

  • Law Affecting Behavioural Change

    This article is based on “Can legislative action change the behaviour of a country?” which appeared in The Livemint on 11 September...

    20 Sep 2019 News Editorials

  • Bombay Blood Group

    Recently there has been a spike in demand for a rare blood type called Bombay blood group. Under the ABO blood group system, blood group are...

    11 Sep 2019 News Analysis

  • Electors Verification Programme

    The Election Commission of India, on 1st September 2019, launched a nation-wide Electors Verification Programme. The program aims to provide...

    02 Sep 2019 News Analysis

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