Remote Monitor for Covid-19 Cases

Why in News

Recently, Bharat Electronics Ltd. and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, have jointly developed a remote patient health monitoring system.

Key Points

  • Use: The remote patient health monitoring system can be installed at homes or hospitals premises to reduce the risk of exposure to healthcare workers to Covid-19 while attending to persons undergoing isolation.
  • Features: The device has non-invasive sensors and it measures temperature, pulse rate, saturated oxygen level, and respiration rate.
    • It shows the severity of the patient’s condition in different colour codes.
  • Benefit: The system is expected to reduce the increasing demand of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and logistics.
    • The system will also help to generate hot spots using the system’s data analytics software so that authorities can contain these zones.
  • Functioning: A mobile app and Web browser have been developed. People who show symptoms of infection get enrolled with AIIMS - Rishikesh.
    • The hospital will assess their complaints and if found necessary, will provide these individuals with a kit to help monitor their health parameters regularly.
    • Patient health parameters, along with patient location, are uploaded on a regular basis to a Centralised Command & Control Centre (CCC) on cloud using either the patient’s mobile phone or integral GSM SIM card.

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

  • BEL is an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company. It is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Defence of India.
  • It primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for the Indian Armed Forces.
  • It has been granted Navratna status.
  • BEL also develops Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter-verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPATs).

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