Quick Response Code for Buildings

  • The Haryana government will implement an ambitious project of installing an 18-digit Quick Response (QR) code carrying metal plates outside all built-up structures across the state. The move is intended to streamline property-tax collection.
    • The metal plates to be affixed to the buildings will contain a Unique Property Identification and QR code (Digital Door Number).
    • Each QR code will have accurate plot area measurement, floors constructed at the time of the survey using both base map service and on-ground field measurements.
  • The government has already begun a drone-based Geographic Information Survey (GIS) to analyse all residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and vacant properties in the state.


  • The system will result in enhancing the property-based tax revenues manifold. It will increase funds for the Urban Local Bodies for future development through a real-time property tax collection mechanism.
  • Geo-tagged property data will be helpful for planning and day-to-day developmental work. In case of any alteration of the building/ structure, the QR code will also enable residents for faster building approvals and Change of Land Use.
    • Not only tax collection, but once the records are digitised, it will enable the government to link other government schemes and transfer of benefits to citizens using the same QR codes.

Source: Indian express