Corruption & Dilemma | 01 Oct 2022

With the completion of training at Academy of Administration, you have been allocated with the first service in The Department of Mining in Jharkhand, the first step of your career as “Indian Administrative Service” Officer.

Within the initial year of your tenure in the department, you’ve started suspecting some unethical activities and after some research at individual level, you’ve found out that your reporting senior, The Secretary of Jharkhand Mining Department is involved in Money Laundering Activities and, has been holding the office of Managing Director of a Mineral Development Company.

The Secretary has been serving in the post for a very long time and has good connections with all the Ministers, the State Administration and Police Force as well.

When you tried to communicate with her regarding your suspected concern, you’ve been offered some amount of money along with a promised elite position at the company to remain silent about the issue.

You’ve also been warned of serious repercussions if you try to reveal the issue to any other office or department.

What would be your course of action considering all the possible outcomes?