Rare Steppe Eagle Spotted in Andhra Pradesh | 20 Jan 2020

Why in News

A Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) has been sighted in Andhra Pradesh during Asian Bird Census.

  • This is the second time a Steppe Eagle has been sighted in Andhra Pradesh in the past two decades.
  • The sighting of this rare species highlights the need for exploration of the diversity of avian life in the State.

Steppe Eagle

  • The Steppe Eagle is a migratory raptor which has undergone extremely rapid population declines within all its range.
    • Steppe Eagles may make migratory movements of many thousands of kilometres crossing numerous national jurisdictional boundaries.
    • The bird has moved from ‘Least Concern’ to ‘Endangered’ under IUCN Red List.
  • It breeds in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia during the winter season.
  • Steppe eagle is the second-largest migratory eagle species to India.
  • The threats to the Steppe Eagle include habitat loss/degradation, electrocution on/ collision with energy infrastructure, poisoning through herbicides/ pesticides/ veterinary drugs in food sources, etc.