Ladakh Festival | 05 Sep 2019

Recently, Minister of State for Culture & Tourism has visited Ladakh Festival which is celebrated every year in Leh and its nearby villages.

  • The festival is for one week which includes events like archery, polo, and Masked dances from the monasteries.
  • It also includes dances by cultural troupes from the villages.

Masked Dances

  • Cham Dance is a famous masked dance from Ladakh which is the major attraction of the festival.
    • It is also performed on Tsechu Festival which is the yearly spiritual festival carried out in many monasteries in Ladakh.
    • It is said to bring good luck to the people viewing this dance.
    • This dance which is accompanied by music played by monks using traditional Tibetan instruments is usually performed by a few selected sects of Buddhism.

Source: PIB