International Indigenous Film Festival | 09 Jul 2019

International Indigenous Film Festival of Kuching, Malaysia is showcasing films on indigenous Indian communities.

  • Four Indian films showcased at International Indigenous film festival (held in Kuching, Malaysia) are:
    • Dibi Durga by Niranjan Kujur.
    • Niyamgiri-The Mountain of Law by Surya Shankar Dash (Odisha).
    • Shot Awake by Anungla Zoe (Nagaland).
    • Strength in Diversity by Chentei (Nagaland).
  • Festival showcases films made by indigenous filmmakers in collaboration with the indigenous communities with the intent to shed a light on and celebrate the huge and diverse native tribes and indigenous cultures, their issues and concerns and the problems afflicting them.
  • The festival aims to be a platform for indigenous communities from the world over to share, have a dialogue, collaborate and to use cinema as a mode of united assertion, resistance, and activism against exploitative forces.
  • India’s first international indigenous film festival was held in Bhubneswar, Odisha in february 2019.