Important Facts for Prelims (1st February 2019) | 01 Feb 2019

Project-75 India

  • Recently the government has given approval to construct six new-generation conventional stealth submarines under the “strategic partnership (SP)” model.
  • Under the Strategic Partnership (SP) model, the project will be executed by an Indian shipyard collaborating with a foreign collaborator under the “Make in India” policy.
  • The SP model is aimed at boosting the Indian private sector’s role in the production of new-generation weapon systems, in collaboration with global arms manufacturers through joint ventures.
  • The six submarines will be constructed under Project-75 India (P-75I) and will have both land-attack cruise missiles and air-independent propulsion for greater underwater endurance.

The Future of Rail Report

  • The Minister of Railways launched the the International Energy Agency (IEA’s) Report “The Future of Rail”.
  • “The Future of Rail” the first-of-a-kind report analyses the current and future importance of rail around the world through the perspective of its energy and environmental implications.
  • This first ever global report has a focus on India, elaborating on the unique social and economic role of rail in India