Important Fact For Prelims (9th March 2019) | 09 Mar 2019

Indian Brown Mongoose

  • An Indian brown mongoose (Herpestes fuscus) has been seen at the Biligiri ranganabetta tiger reserve (BRT) in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka.
  • This is the first time this species has been seen outside Virajpet Taluk in Karnataka.
  • Indian brown mongoose has a dark brown coat with fine strips and black legs.
  • All mongoose species found in India are protected under Schedule II (Part II) of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, which prohibits all trade of animals listed in it. IUCN Status is the least concern.
  • Chamarajanagar district is the only district in India which has three Tiger Reserves-Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Biligiri ranganabetta Tiger Reserve (BRT) and Malai Mahadeshwara Tiger Reserve.