Hunger Stones | 22 Aug 2022

Why in News?

Recently, Europe was suffering from the worst drought, therefore rivers have dried up and there is the emergence of Hunger Stones.

What are Hunger Stones?

  • About:
    • They are the common hydrological marker in central Europe and date back to the pre-instrumental era.
      • They serve as reminders to today’s generation of previously dire water shortages.
      • Usually found in Europe, they were embedded into rivers by our ancestors when rivers subdued to severe levels subsequently causing famine and food shortages.
    • Many of the hunger stones found have unique carvings on them that seek to remind the next generation that if water levels get to this point, food availability will be affected.
    • These stones were embedded into the rivers in Germany & other german settlements from the 15th to 19th centuries.
  • Inscriptions:
    • It expressed that drought had brought a bad harvest, lack of food, high prices, and hunger for poor people,

Source: DTE