e-DAR Portal | 16 Apr 2022

For Prelims: ‘e-DAR’ (e-Detailed Accident Report), Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety.

For Mains: Road Safety, Government Policies & Interventions.

Why in News?

Recently, the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) developed the portal named ‘e-DAR’ (e-Detailed Accident Report).

  • The portal provides instant information on road accidents and helps accelerate accident compensation claims, bringing relief to victims’ families.

What is the Status of Road Accidents in India?

  • Road safety continues to be a major developmental issue, a public health concern and a leading cause of death and injury across the world.
  • It kills more than 1.35 million globally as reported in the Global Status report on Road Safety 2018 with 90% of these casualties taking place in the developing countries and 11% alone being accounted for by India.
  • As per the Report on Road accidents in India 2019, the accident related deaths in India in 2019 were 1,51,113 in number.

What are the Benefits of e-DAR portal?

  • Integrated Database: Digitalised Detailed Accident Reports (DAR) will be uploaded to the portal for easy access.
    • The web portal will be linked to the Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD).
    • From iRAD, applications to more than 90% of the datasets would be pushed directly to the e-DAR.
    • Stakeholders like the police, road authorities, hospitals, etc., are required to enter very minimal information for the e-DAR forms.
    • Thus, e-DAR would be an extension and e-version of iRAD.
  • Tackling Fake Claims: DAR portal would conduct multiple checks against fake claims by conducting a sweeping search of vehicles involved in the accident, the date of the accident, and the First Information Report number.
  • Cross-Platform Linkages: The portal would be linked to other government portals like Vaahan or and would get access to information on driving licence details and registration of vehicles.
  • Identifying Accident Hotspots: Hotspots for accidents would also be identified so as to obtain solutions to avoid accidents at these hotspots.

What are Other Initiatives Related to Road Safety?

  • Global Level:
    • Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety (2015):
      • The declaration was signed at the second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety held in Brazil. India is a signatory to the Declaration.
      • The countries plan to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 3.6 i.e. half the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2030.
    • UN Global Road Safety Week:
      • It is celebrated every two years, the sixth edition (held from 17th to 23rd May 2021) highlighted the need for strong leadership for road safety.
    • The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP):
      • It is a registered charity dedicated to saving lives through safer roads.
  • India:
    • Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019:
      • The Act hikes the penalties for traffic violations, defective vehicles, juvenile driving, etc.
      • It provides for a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, which would provide compulsory insurance cover to all road users in India for certain types of accidents.
      • It also provides for a National Road Safety Board, to be created by the Central Government through a notification.
      • It also provides for the protection of good samaritans.
    • The Carriage by Road Act, 2007:
      • The Act provides for the regulation of common carriers, limiting their liability and declaration of the value of goods delivered to them to determine their liability for loss of, or damage to, such goods occasioned by the negligence or criminal acts of themselves, their servants or agents and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
    • The Control of National Highways (Land and Traffic) Act, 2000:
      • The Act provides the control of land within the National Highways, right of way and traffic moving on the National Highways and also for removal of unauthorised occupation thereon.
    • The National Highways Authority of India Act, 1998:
      • The Act provides for the constitution of an authority for the development, maintenance and management of NHs and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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