City Gas Distribution Network | 27 Aug 2019

The Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel has launched the commencement of work for 10th City Gas Distribution (CGD) bidding round which will cover 50 Geographical Areas (GAs) in 124 districts.

  • After the completion of the 10th round, over 70% of the country’s population and 52.73% of the area will be covered under the CGD.
  • The development of CGD networks will increase the availability of clean cooking fuel or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and transportation fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for consumers.
    • CGD has been granted ‘Public Utility’ status.

India’s Clean Energy Mix

  • India is the 3rd largest energy consumer of the world and is expected to become top consumer in a decade.
  • The present share of gas in the energy mix in the country is 6.2% compared to 24% globally.
    • The Government aims is to increase the share of natural gas to 15% by 2030.
  • Domestic gas production was 32.87 billion cubic metre in 2018-19, and is likely to go up to 39.3 billion cubic metre in 2020-21.
  • According to the government, present LNG terminal capacity of 38.8 Million Metric Tonne Per Annum (MMTPA) will be augmented to 52.5 MMTPA in next 3-4 years.
  • The National Gas Grid presently is 16,788 km, and work is in progress for additional 14,788 km.

Source: PIB