Arunachal to Mark Schools as ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ | 23 Dec 2019

Why in News

Arunachal Pradesh has launched Teachers’ Transfer & Posting Policy, 2020, for ensuring need-based distribution of teachers to protect the academic interest of students and optimise job satisfaction among the teachers in a free and transparent manner.

Key Points

  • Categorisation of Schools:
    • Under the policy, all government schools will be divided into three categories — hard, medium and soft — based on topography, accessibility and degrees of difficulty in staying at the place of posting.
      • Hard Schools:
        • It includes areas with difficult accessibility and topography.
        • All new recruits will be given a hard posting for a mandatory three years, inclusive of their probation period.
      • Medium Schools:
        • It includes areas with medium accessibility, connectivity and topography.
        • After completing hard schools phase the new teachers will be spending the next five years in schools with levels of medium difficulty.
      • Soft Schools:
        • It includes areas with easy accessibility and connectivity majorly urban areas.
        • After completing hard and medium schools phase the teachers will be allotted soft schools.
  • Motto of the scheme:
    • Teacher absenteeism has been a major issue across government schools in Arunachal Pradesh. The student-teacher ratio has consequently been skewed in favour of urban centres with better connectivity.
      • The state has been facing difficulties in posting teachers in remote areas where schools have adequate students, but hardly anyone to teach them.
  • The policy also entails the transfer of teachers through online requests.

Source: TH