ICANN and NASSCOM Collaboration | 19 Jun 2019

Global internet body Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) and Indian IT industry body NASSCOM to develop identifier technology that can be used for managing devices and infrastructure using the internet.

  • Both the bodies will first focus on updating the Internet of Things (IoT) devices using domain name system (DNS) even in the situation when the manufacturer or supplier has closed down the business.
  • This collaboration provides a structure to jointly identify research projects, particularly in new technologies related to the internet's system of unique identifiers.
  • The first research project focuses on testing the use of the DNS to update IoT firmware and studying how the proposed technology could scale outside a lab environment.

Internet of Thing (IoT)

  • The Internet of Things is made up of devices from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables connected together.
  • IoT allows devices on closed private internet connections to communicate with others and the Internet of Things brings those networks together. It gives the opportunity for devices to communicate not only within close silos but across different networking types and creates a much more connected world.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

  • ICANN is a non-profit body that administers domain names and Internet protocol addresses (IPs) globally. It was formed in 1988 by the US Department of Commerce. It has become independent of US control since October 1st, 2016.
  • It also ensures that computers across the internet can find one another through defined unique pathways and identifiers.
  • It is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and methodologies of several databases, with unique identifiers, related to the namespaces of the Internet – and thereby, ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation.
  • ICANN is governed by an internationally diverse Board of Directors overseeing the policy development process. ICANN’s President directs an international staff, working from three continents, who ensure that ICANN meets its operational commitment to the Internet community.

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)

  • NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the IT industry in India.
  • Established in 1988, NASSCOM’s relentless pursuit has been to constantly support the IT and BPO industry.
  • Members of NASSCOM are Indian Co software development, software services, IT-enabled/BPO services. NASSCOM role has primarily been to make sure that service quality and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights have been properly implemented in the Indian software and BPO industry.