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Full Length Test GS4

1. (a) “Public service is the basic objective of the welfare state”. In the context of this statement, enumerate ‘Public Service Values’ towards which all public servants should aspire. (150 words)

(b) Strengthening of the ‘Criminal Justice System’ is one of the most important requisites for ensuring probity in governance. Analyse. (150 words)

2. (a) The scope for corruption increases when control on the public administrators is fragile and the division of power between political executive and bureaucracy is ambiguous. Justify. (150 words)

(b) “Earn your wealth by all means. But understand your wealth is not yours; it belongs to society.” Analyse this statement of Mahatma Gandhi with reference to present state of corporate governance in India. (150 words)

3. (a) The Right to Information (RTI) Act is a path-breaking legislation which signals the march from darkness of secrecy to the dawn of transparency. Comment. (150 words)

(b) The administrative culture is a sub-culture of the common culture of the society. Critically examine. (150 words)

4. (a) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a social responsibility but a moral obligation too. Comment. (150 words)

(b) e- Governance is vital for checking corruption and enhancing transparency in the public service delivery system. Discuss. (150 words)

5. A basic issue in international relations is how to reconcile one’s interests with values one professes. Discuss. (150 words)

6. Examine the relevance of the following in the context of civil service by citing relevant examples: (150 words)

(a) Honesty of purpose

(b) Accountability

(c) Rule of law

(d) Conflict of interest

(e) Principles of natural justice

7. What do each of the following quotations mean to you in the present context?

(a) “Righteousness is the foundation stone of peace and good governance.”– Confucius (150 words)

(b) “I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong.”– Mahatma Gandhi (150 words)

(c) “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. –Aristotle (150 words)


8. Tribals are people living separately from mainstream society, who are known for their distinct culture and lifestyle. They are always the centre of attraction. Not only native but also foreign tourists are eager to know about their culture. Their autonomy has been ensured by the Government by enacting a law. According to this law, nobody can go to the homestead of the tribals. But foreign tourists are illegally charged exorbitantly and are taken to tribal areas by the local fishermen. Also, some religious preachers are trying to propagate their religion. The matter came to light when a foreigner, who had illegally entered the tribal area, was murdered by tribals. A team has been formed through quick action of the government in this connection. As an expert in tribal affairs, you have been given the leadership of the team, which has to investigate violations of law and recommend disciplinary action against those indulging in these illegal activities.

Suggest the immediate and long-term steps that can be taken with respect to this problem. (250 words)

9. It is the duty of the public servants to serve the people with honesty, integrity and responsibility. Ethics has also been incorporated in the syllabus of civil services examination to inculcate these values in public servants. Also, civil servants are prepared for the same through additional activities during training. Despite this, many public servants after joining the service have been found deviating from the moral path and indulging in illicit and corrupt practices. A board has been constituted by the Ministry of personnel to check this growing trend in public servants. As a senior public servant, you have been made its Chairman. Meanwhile, a public servant was confirmed to be involved in the corruption related to illegal land allotment by the investigating agencies. The embezzlement of millions in personal property under the guise of public service is a reflection of the moral decay of public servants.

(a) What efforts have been made by the Government to check this rising trend in public servants?

(b) What measures will you suggest in the context of this problem? (250 words)

10. You are an honest and conscientious public servant. Your appointment as a district officer has been in a region that is highly sensitive to religious matters. A very ancient religious place is located in the district where women in the lower age group have not been able to enter till today due to religious beliefs. It is, of course, a violation of the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution to women as citizens. An institution working for women’s welfare filed a petition in the Supreme Court of the country to end the discrimination on which the Court, by giving a judgment in favour of women, has ordered the government to end the prohibition of admission to the shrine. You have been given the responsibility of complying with the order at the district level. The Supreme Court judgement is being opposed by some religious groups, shrine boards as well as by the common people who are also being encouraged by some political parties. Their argument is that they have got freedom by the Constitution in religious matters. Some women who were trying to enter the shrine were stopped and mistreated by other devotees and it was declared that women who tried to do so will have to suffer the consequences. In this situation, the issue of safety of such women has arisen.

(a) Explain the underlying ethical issues in this episode. In this case, discuss the options available to you mentioning the merits and demerits of each option. What option will you choose and why? (250 words)

11. Sports are also an effective source of self-control, virtue, tolerance, integrity and social decency and not just means of recreation in human life. But sports can promote the spirit of 'fair behaviour ' and ' equal opportunities ' only if games incorporate the moral values and people associated with sports inculcate these values. Recently, there has been some mention in the media where certain prominent sports personalities are giving controversial comments. It is not only insulting to the sporting spirit and sports ethics but also disregards social obligations.

You are the head of a sports regulatory body and you have been asked to give necessary suggestions to rectify decline in sports ethics keeping in view the above mentioned case. What would you suggest in these circumstances? (250 words)

12. Illegal migration has been a sensitive issue in the north-eastern states of India. To address this issue, the present Government is making efforts to update the National Register of Citizens in a state like Assam. This effort will enable identification of illegal migrants and secure resources for legitimate citizens and also address concerns related to internal security. But with the implementation of the National Register of Citizens, many ethical and legal concerns are emerging and this register is able to address only a limited aspect of the migration problem. You have been appointed as the Chairman of the Committee for dealing with problems related to the NRC and the challenge of illegal migration, and it is expected that in your suggestions, you should address issues related to the problem in totality.

In the above circumstances, mention the ethical concerns associated with the implementation of the National Register of Citizens and discuss the new measures that are proposed to be put in place by you to address the problem. (250 words)

13. From ‘rat hole mining ' to ‘open cast mining’, India has witnessed major mining disasters. The main reason behind these calamities is the unscientific, illegal and unsafe mining in India. As and when such disasters are in the news, the incumbent governments and administration address it at the immediate level. But there is indifference to providing sustainable solutions which frequently causes such disasters. After such calamities, an administrative tendency has also been observed which puts the blame on victims.

The tacit consensus of the government and administration to unsafe mining activities in India and the attraction of miners are mainly linked to revenue and employment realization. But such activities also lead to widespread loss to public exchequer and environmental degradation. Therefore, there should be a holistic preparedness to prevent such calamities and to comprehensively cope if they occur.

(a) Identify the underlying ethical issues in the above case.

(b) As a competent authority, discuss some of the feasible strategies to prevent and combat such calamities. (250 words)

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