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ISRO to test rocket that takes its fuel from air
Jun 20, 2016

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to test an air-breathing propulsion system, which aims to capitalise on the oxygen in the atmosphere instead of liquefied oxygen while in flight.

Generally, vehicles that are used to launch satellites use combustion of propellants with oxidiser and fuel. The air-breathing propulsion system aims at using oxygen present in the atmosphere up to 50 km from the earth’s surface to burn the fuel stored in the rocket.
New horizone

Benefit of new technology:

  • It would help in reducing the lift-off mass of the vehicle since liquefied oxygen need not be carried on board the vehicle.
  • This would also help increasing the efficiency of the rocket and also make it cost-effective
  • The new propulsion system, once mastered, would complement ISRO’s aim to develop a reusable launch vehicle that would have longer flight duration.
  • The system, involving the scramjet engine, would become crucial while sending up the spacecraft.

Source: the hindu

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