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MoU between ESSO & UCAR, USA for Cooperation in the Field of Earth System Science
Oct 10, 2014

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Earth System Science Organization, India and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), USA was signed recently in New Delhi for cooperation in Earth System Sciences. 

Since weather and climate affects all our activities, this collaboration will act as a step to bring together academia and application scientists to come together. If their forecast skill advance, it will save lives in India. There are some important synergies that can benefit both countries. 

This MoU will provide a mechanism to jointly undertake research and developmental work to address Earth System Science issues of common concern through exchange of excellent scientific knowledge and technological knowhow existing in the two countries.

Collaborations are expected to include aircraft and radar technology, now casting of severe weather events, hydrometeorology, satellite data, oceanic and climate research, urban flooding as well as capacity building through scientific lectures and distance learning. A particularly important area is the long-range forecasting, which has extreme value to the Indian economy and caters to the need of the farmers with planting decisions and agricultural practices based on the projected intensity and timing of the next monsoon season. 

The MoU covers scientists from a range of institutions from India, to be coordinated and funded by the ESSO-Ministry of Earth Sciences with the scientists from UCAR’s 104 member universities, as well as NCAR (National Centre for Atmospheric Research). Through the MoU, the regional expertise available with Indian scientists will be complemented by the domain expertise available with UCAR.

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