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40th Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration
Jul 03, 2014

40th Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA ) was held in New Delhi for Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Allied Services and Defence Service Officers. The purpose of the programme is to update these officers about changing requirements of services to be delivered by them and increasing aspirations of the people.

The programme is aimed at developing interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and social sensitivity to create an administrative milieu in which governance can be optimally conducted. The world itself is changing and upon this, the Indian democracy comprising of 1200 million people, is itself the most complex political society in the world and the bureaucratic set-up here is perhaps the most difficult than in any other country of the world. Even though the IAS was inherited from the ICS of British Raj, the responsibilities and obligations expected from an IAS officer in the Indian set-up are much more diverse and onerous.

Bureaucracy is a part of the Executive which is one of the four essential pillars of democracy. In order to give people a fair deal of governance, bureaucracy has to remain apolitical and while bureaucrats ought to ensure this, it is also for to avoid any possible tendency to politicize of bureaucracy.

The conduct and the role of a public servant today is to be more responsive and proactive. An extra effort is required to brush aside the popular notion that bureaucracy is ridden with red-tapism and slow disposal of file-work.

The programme will facilitate interaction of public servants with learned persons and experts from different fields.

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